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Spinoza is alive and well! His ideas can be connected effortlessly with contemporary issues such as democracy, freedom of speech and disinformation. In the renewed Museum Het Spinozahuis everything revolves around the experience of an authentic place. The visitor is immersed in a 17th-century ambiance, feels Spinoza’s presence in his reconstructed library. Using powerful, varied means, the museum appeals to a wide audience: students, day trippers, (foreign) tourists and connoisseurs. A visit to the Spinozahuis inspires to learn more about the Netherlands’ greatest philosopher, to look at your own life and society with fresh eyes and to make a link with current events.

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Visiting Spinoza

The project Renewal Museum Het Spinozahuis consists of 3 parts.

New entrance and reception area: visitors will be received in a new, modern, multifunctional entrance partially detached from the Spinozahuis. In addition to a desk, cloakroom and toilet, it will also house a small museum shop and a coffee corner. A glass corridor connects the entrance and the Spinozahuis.

The new, contemporary museum design with various storylines should appeal to a wide audience. Films, projections and audio tours are used to reinforce a 17th-century context. The exhibition will be expanded with the extraordinary story of Spinoza’s life, of his ideas and with the history of the Spinoza House . Links between Spinoza’s ideas and current events will also be given a prominent place in the renewed exhibition

A redesigned garden will be part of the museum routing Existing elements such as the famous bust of Spinoza by sculptor Wenkebach, the two Lime trees, the monumental Oak and Ash remain untouched. The museum wants to be able to use the garden as a stage for chamber concerts and / or lectures. During their visit, visitors can also enjoy a picturesque garden in a 17th-century atmosphere.

Museum Het Spinozahuis wants to develop an appealing educational program for younger visitors and school classes, in collaboration with partners.

Benedictus Spinoza

Spinoza (1632 – 1677) is considered one of the most influential philosophers in the Western world and one of the founders of the Enlightenment. From 1660 to 1663 he lived in a simple house in Rijnsburg, now known as Museum Het Spinozahuis. Spinoza’s philosophy is still very topical today. It inspires us in the interpretation of citizenship where reason leads to insight, where learning to understand each other is preferable to being right, where modesty and tolerance lead to individual happiness.

Spinoza is part of the Canon of the Netherlands. The masterpiece of the Spinoza House is the reconstructed Spinoza library, consisting of some 140 books. In 2020, the Museum Association awarded Museum Het Spinozahuis the title of Registered Museum.

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